Heating Service

While Southern California may be known for our warmer weather, may it never be said that we don’t experience some cooler temperatures as well. Come Fall and Winter there are more than enough occasions to be in need of your heater. But often because it has not been in use for many months, there can be a higher chance of finding something amiss when you do turn it on. We are more than familiar with that kind of occurrence. That’s why we offer to service your heater with an 18 point inspection to ensure that before it’s needed, your heater is working in top shape. But we do more than just service your heater. We can also install a new heating system and ensure that it is running at its most efficient. We can also install new thermostats. As we head into the fall and winter months, please allow us to help you stay warm on those chilly days.

Service Details: Includes an air filter and an 18 point inspection of the items listed below.
Starting Cost: $ 89.99
  • Check and calibrate thermostat operation.
  • Check condition of electrical wiring.
  • Check operation of gas pressure and controls.
  • Check for proper flue gas venting.
  • Check for operation of blower controls.
  • Check and clean or replace air filters.
  • Lubricate blower motor and check condition of induced motor and sensor.
  • Check for accessible gas shut-off valve.
  • Check for flexible gas connector operation.
  • Test for carbon monoxide at furnace.
  • Check operation of limit controls.
  • Inspect burners and nox rods.
  • Adjust air mixture on burners for clean combustion.
  • Check seal at the base of the furnace.
  • Check for air leakage at plenum above furnace (insulation).
  • Inspect ductwork for air leaks, poor insulation, and dirt around insulation.
  • Clean and seal outer surface of the furnace.
  • Clean return air grill, vacuum space around the furnace.

Heating Installation

Service Details: Basic Heating system includes, Bryant 10 year warranty, air filter slide, gas flex and valve, 115V service plug and a Honeywell thermostat.
Starting Cost: $ 2,399.99

Thermostat Installation

Service Details: Digital Honeywell 5-year warranty with installation $149.99 or provide your own thermostat and we will install it for $99.99.
Starting Cost: $ 99.99