A good water heater makes a big difference. At some point, everyone has experienced the disappointment of thinking they were stepping into a hot relaxing shower and discovered a pathetic lukewarm shower. Caring for your water heater is a bit complex. There are not many DIY solutions if you are experiencing issues with your water heater. That is why it is essential to have a company that you trust to help if you should ever encounter any problems. We specialize in water heater service which helps your appliance to continue running at peak performance.

If your water heater should need to be replaced, we can also help with the installation. If you have questions over getting a traditional water heater or moving to tankless, we would be more than happy to walk you through all of the implications of that change. We want to help our customers always have quick access to hot water.

Water Heater Service

Service Details: Basic service includes pilot inspection, drain and flush out debris, flame sensor inspection, carbon monoxide testing and verify that all operations are functional.
Starting Cost: $ 89.99

Water Heater Installation

Service Details: Includes a Bradford White water heater, gas flex and valve, two water flex lines, overflow water pan, earthquake straps and water pressure testing.
Starting Cost: $ 2,399.99